How to place an order of used Japanese cars
There are 6 steps involve in the process
1. First send us your request by using the online form or fax
2. Upon receiving it we will inform you about the cost involve both FOB & CIF
3. When you agree on the terms, then you send us a deposit.
4. After receiving the deposit, we organize the cars. The cars are prepared and loaded into container.
5. NB: Remainder of payment is required before shipment. Upon receiving the final payment
6. We send you all the BL details of the consignment via courier service (EMS, FEDEX, DHL or UPS ) & then export the container to its destination
7. For clients coming to Japan to buy :
For clients who wish to come to Japan and buy the by themselves we can also arrange everything including, pick ups, nice Tokyo budget accommodation, auction scheduling and many others but we have know at least 2~3 months in advance so the we can organize everything in time. Please let us know your requirement and we are ready to help out.

Handling & Shipment :
We ship used cars in 20ft and 40ft from Japan to all major harbor ports of the world. We use both RO-RO and container. But we highly recommend shipment in using 20ft -40ft HQ the units of cars depends on the size and type of the cars, generally we are able to fit the following.
Cars are pack with care so that they will be in safe condition after a long Sea journey to its destination and making sure that the consignment is safe

10:00 am~ 6:00 pm Japan Time GMT +9 HRS
2. Contact Japan Car Buy
Phone :+81- 50-5539-7220 Mobile :+81- 90-7123-7100 Fax :+81- 3-4496-5381
3. Beware of fraudsters,
Beware of internet fraud and scams .You can confirm our address before doing business with us.
4. How long does shipment take?
It mainly depends on your location, aprox between 1 ~ 10 weeks
5. What is payment method? We accept the following payment method
BANK TRANSFER, WESTERN UNION, MONEY GRAM, PAYPAL (accepts all major credit cards)
6. When do you ship the consignment …?
After the payment is received
7. What information is required for shipment?
Consignee Address, mailing Address & Notify Party (clearing agent)