Impotence treatment and symptoms

Erectile dysfunction is treated using different methods. Modern urology has a wide range of methods to help men cope with this problem. All of them are in demand, since erectile dysfunction in men is quite common these days. The disease develops for a variety of reasons and can cause serious complexes and depression. Erectile dysfunction is also known as “impotence” or “erectile dysfunction”. This pathological condition manifests itself in sexual impotence, which does not allow a man to have sexual intercourse. Often it is one of the clinical manifestations of the underlying disease of the endocrine, genitourinary or cardiovascular system and is eliminated in the course of its treatment.

– Lack of orgasm
– Depression
– Weak erection
– Premature ejaculation
– Changes in the elasticity of the penis
– Violation of the mental state
– Lack of erection
– Decrease in the number of erections

If you have more than 80% of the listed symptoms, we strongly recommend that you consult a doctor for advice.

When is impotence treatment for men required?

Treatment for impotence in men is required if, in more than a quarter of sexual intercourse, he cannot maintain an erection. According to medical statistics, this applies to over one hundred and fifty million male patients over the age of forty. Erectile dysfunction is manifested by the impossibility of achieving it in the volume that is necessary for a full sexual intercourse. By itself, an erection consists in an increase in the volume of the penis and its hardening due to the filling of the cavities of its structural units with blood – the cavernous bodies. Thus, the main functions in the process are assigned to the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies and the walls of the arteries. In a calm state, the first and second are reduced, the minimum blood flow is aimed at providing nutrition to the structures of the penis.

Before an erection, the smooth muscles of the arteries and corpora cavernosa relax, due to which the vascular resistance decreases, ensuring rapid blood flow. Its increase creates an increase in pressure inside the cavities of the cavernous bodies, which become compliant. This is how an erection occurs. In the process, there is an increase in the length and thickness of the penis, the angle of its rise changes, it becomes elastic. Any violation of this process can provoke erectile dysfunction. Patients suffering from it are susceptible not only to physical, but also psychological discomfort, which can intensify the manifestations of the former. Their quality of life suffers greatly because of this. Individually selected drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men can be effective and will restore the opportunities lost for one reason or another.

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

Diagnostic studies of the violation are aimed at identifying the cause that caused it. First of all, they differentiate between psychogenic and organic impotence. For this, morning erections are monitored and a special test is performed, involving the introduction of an erection inducer into the penis, followed by stimulation.

Treatment of impotence in men

The treatment tactics are developed by the attending physician, based on the etiology of the disorder and the individual indications of the patient. Depending on the situation, it may include the following:
– taking pharmacological preparations (PDE5 inhibitors, preparations based on plant substances);
– lifestyle changes (giving up bad habits, playing sports);
– psychotherapeutic techniques;
– injection of drugs into the corpus cavernosum or urethra;
– the use of vacuum devices;
– Surgical operations on the penis aimed at reducing the outflow or increasing blood flow;
– Prosthetics of the penis using plastic or hydraulic prostheses.

Prevention of impotence

Preventive measures in this case consist in a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. A man is not recommended to abuse alcohol and refuse to take medications that can cause dysfunction. If this cannot be avoided, you need to agree on an appointment with your doctor and adhere to the dosage.

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